Update: Senior and moving on…

NOTICE: I’ve moved all records of my subsequent  nocturnal activities to another blogsite. I realised it isn’t very appropriate to dump it in this blog where respectable persons would see .. ahem, my wilder side in the online community.  If you’re interested and share my base moral standards (none by the way), feel free to visit my Pixivblog. Unfortunately, it’s all written in Japanese. But a good thing that a picture speaks a thousand words. 

The senior’s orientation party on 31 July at St Regis hotel was good. Sans the hours the top management spent to convince us to stay and slog our posteriors (with a whopping pay cut and 0.25 month  of bonus), the event was worth wearing the ogre green polo tee for. I realised there are a lot of unfamiliar faces, peers whom I’ve never even seen before, much less spoke to. The best was, I only realised the person belonging to a partner’s name is a guy. I’ve always held the mistaken belief that the partner wears a skirt for the past 2 years.  

How do I feel about being a senior? Simply DTT. Disgusted, Terrified and TOIL-less.

In times when the F**king Asinine Society of Bean-counters decided to ‘improve’ the financial reporting standards once more,  when the global head office of Dung Tastes Terrific revamped audit methods, when clients are demanding nano fees for mega service, when the profession is denied the sole carrot called TOIL … … the future has gotten darker for the dung-pickers.

Times are good right now for me… just enjoyed 2 days of art lessons IFRS updates and revised audit methodology from the Technical Update organised by the learning department and now I’m trying to clear my existing  TOIL. It’s great to sit with dear Miss 1wRong again, just like back in school. Soggy food at the reception, regular toilet breaks and great company, what more can I ask for?


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  1. shiiweii

    hey i like the way you put it!
    They give nano fee but demand mega service!!! It cannot be true-er than that!!! =)

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