Pixiv Pchat: First time as a host (初めに主催者になった)

Warning: If homosexuality and erotic representations offend you, please do not click the picture links below. You’ll regret it. I mean it.

Bored and eager to sketch some erotic garbage, I registered a paint chatroom and christened it ‘No Reservation’. The only regulation in my chatroom is to throw all reservations out of the window (自重禁止).


Invitation pic for my first Paint chat.

I didn’t expect to have more than 5 visitors to my chatroom when I put up the invitation on the day itself.

I was wrong. The numbers exceeded 15 people and when my modem sadistically denied me internet access for 10 mins at around 2am, after I got back to the chatroom, I was surprised to find not only the visitors still there waiting for me, there was a new visitor who just joined in the fun. That’s the power of the Light and the Wild Rose.www

Picture: Damedia (注:裸、カオス、薔薇)

Picture:  Post-Damedia (注:裸、カオス?)

Their kindness and friendliness are priceless. Conversing in Japanese can be likened to constipation for me. There’s so much to give but so little comes out. My vocabulary is close to zilch. 

When I held a 2nd paintchat last night, it was even more brazen than the first… with Ann san (A team), Aria san (A team), Wataru san, Kanako san, Kuroro san and her wife (KY team), Kirara san, Henda san et al.25julinvitation(blood)


Invitation pic of my 2nd paintchat last night.

There’s alot of delicious activities on all sides of the canvas. So much so that I wished I’ve got 4 pairs of eyes and an auto-screencapture function in takamin’s paintchat system.

Picture: Light cafe and Wild rose tea (注:裸、キス)

Picture: Icha Icha part 1 , Icha Icha part 2 , Icha Icha part 3, Icha Icha part 4 (注:裸、フェラ、とりあえずやばい事)

Oh, and I thought Takamichi san’s paintchat was the latest for the record (4 am). Last night, I ended my 2nd paintchat at 5.30 am (SP time).


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  1. I dont usually reply to posts but in this case. WOW

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