Pixiv Pchat: And I thought I’d never go beyond 3 am…


Left: Nobara, Right: Tamakichi san’s original creation, Hentai of Light (HOL).

I left Tamakichi san’s chatroom at 5a.m. (Japan time 6 a.m.).

It’s a real surprise that I woke at 10 a.m. today. Don’t know where the energy came from. I love these people! Although I can’t understand 50% of what was discussed, it seems gag and ero is enough to break the language barrier.

That particular paint chat was special for me because
1: It’s the first time I got to participate in a Hoihoi session with Ying san.
2: First time I stayed up til 5 a.m.
3: The Hentai of Light (below), by Tamakichi san
HOL: Tamakichi san
Nobara, Butz: Nobon san
Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness: Miran san

My eyebags have upgraded to Louis Vuitton but I don’t mind at all. I’m happy with the treasures I’ve hauled up from there.<(^p^)/

The treasures are absolutely scandalous. If you can’t stomach homosexual themes, yaoi, hentai (?), please do not proceed to read more.

You chose to proceed… do not regret. www


Kichiku WOL: <|>w<|> , Uke Nobara: Tamakichi san , Yandere Nobara: Ying san



Neko Nobara, Ex Death, Uke Nobara: Ying san
Hello Kitty WOL, Emperor, Another Frio: <|>w<|>



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  1. boy love FTW
    Here is my second favi site
    Hentai JAV DVDISO

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