Pixiv Pchat:Frioniel Sandwich anyone? (R-18)

I’m getting eyebags… thanks to the late nights of passion, staring at my husband (Dell Inspiron) and fondling my daughter (Wacom Intuous).

Ok, I’ve gone pchatting again last night and this time, the main character theme is Frioniel. The participants were wild, highly amusing and very easy-going. They are just so lovely!!! The host Tamakichi san was very amiable and hospitable. They don’t seem to mind that I’m a non-Japanese nor my lousy Japanese. I’ve met a few condescending individuals in other pchats and most of the time I’m treated the way a gaijin is treated…alienated.

We started off drawing nekomimi Frio. My WOL got to put a leash on Hoshida san’s Frio. Then as the night wore on, things got a little R-18, as usual. They started discussing on their favourite coupling: Nobara x Another Frio, Nobara x Warrior of Light etc. The coupling they desired to see was Another Frio x Nobara x Another Frio. I didn’t really understand this combination and Ying san explained that it’s a threesome:  2 Another Frio and Nobara.

Me: 3P?!

テ●●● san: Nobara Sandwich.

Sandwich…yummy. And my ero instinct was piqued, resulting in the pic I did today. My favourite frame is the one where WOL’s shadow falls over the sandwich. Don’t ask me why. It’s my own artistic preference.


What followed later in the night (12am?) is too depraved to mention. So I’ll just upload some screenshots (Haaa?!). It’s exasperating for me with my limited Japanese vocabulary and lousy grammar. Out of desperation, I asked for everyone’s help to fill in the speech bubbles. It became ‘Feel free to fill in your favourite line’ event, officiated by Tamakichi san. It was a perfect group collaboration.


The funniest was I kept changing ‘partners’ because they had to go to bed and wake early for work the next day. My last partner was Kanako san who finally helped to bring the whole spectacle to a close.

I got 2 marriage proposals last night… (-///-)


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