Pixiv paintchat: Dissidia 1

It’s the honeymoon period for seniors this month so I could keep up with my nocturnal activities at home. Nothing except scouring Pixiv for paintchat sessions and participating in orgies of line and colour.
My current hot favourite is Warrior of Light (WOL). So deliciously passionate in righteousness and unassuming in his actions.犯したいーはぁはぁ
Amida results: Zidane (1jul)

 Amida results: Zidane
Usually in a paintchat session, the subject (character, colour etc) is assigned to each participant through a selection tool called an Amida. A series of vertical parallel lines is drawn and each participant writes his/her name on top of the selected line. The host writes the names of the subjects at the bottom of the lines (e.g. WOL,Cloud etc). Then, horizontal lines are randomly drawn between the vertical lines, forming a weblike diagram.

 The rule is to trace a downward path and cover any horizontal line along the way until you reach the bottom.

For the paintchat session by 相良san on 1st July, I thought I got Cloud but apparently I missed a horizontal line and the actual character I got is the monkey leopard, Zidane. I screamed.

 I guess my outburst was uncalled for… but I’ve never drawn Zidane before because he’s such a shota material. Same for Onion knight. The people were really nice and apologetic about it. Well, it’s a good challenge for me and I must learn to be undiscerning if I want to improve myself.

The WOL at the extreme right is by きゅーりんsan, her cucumber obsession manifested later as WOL’s horns.
Frio and WOL. Kiri san drew Frio with a MOUSE!!! (1jul)Frioneil drawn by Kiri san with a MOUSE!
After the host has screen captured the pic and bombed the canvas clean, we proceeded to sketch whatever we want. Apparently Frioneil is really popular in the Dissidia circles. What impressed me was キリsan who drew the Frioneil (Another form) …with a mouse. (土下座)I wish キリsan could get the pen tablet fixed and then her Frioneil and my WOL can have a ‘good time’.
Welcome to Cosmos Club.(2jul)Welcome to Cosmos Club.
Last night’s paintchat session by 豆千代san was pretty nice. Initially たつやsan was sketching Cloud and Tidus dressed as delinquents. I added my WOL in. Somehow, along the way, it turned from school parody to mafia and finally, a nightclub…




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