Mid-March 2009 (ホワイトデーおめでとう)

To all lovers, friends and narcissists, may love blossom in thy hearts everlasting for others and more importantly, for thyself. Happy (belated) White Day!

Who is afraid of being single? I’ve never really gave much thought about my status of singlehood except worry about dying a virgin. In a world where we can buy sensory pleasures or even enjoy them for free (…with google, pron becomes so accessible), somehow the prospect of marriage has paled to a mere contract to share assets ($, HDB flat, kids) and liabilities (erm, kids?) and oh, definitely the expenses must be apportioned. Well, that’s a cynical, biased and cataclysmic view on marriage and I bonk myself for that.
Anyway, I started giving this a little thought when my Japanese language instructor, Night sensei, expressed her desire to get hitched. She’s in her late twenties, pretty, has no interest in IT and always cheerfully correcting our mistakes. Whenever we come across an example where the character is making a marriage proposal or is going on a date, she’ll remind us of her marital status. I sense a perfectionist and an urgency in her and it’s making me a wee bit anxious.
Who doesn’t count the years of singlehood like a prison inmate waiting to be freed by her prince charming (… I suppose)? That incessant ticking of the biological clock.
Try looking at it with another perspective. Count down the days of singlehood when one can still dream of so many possibilities of life and love, to be loved and cared by one’s family before marriage to another person. After that, one will have to enter his own little world where he’ll learn to love and care for the spouse (and kids, if any) and think of nothing more. Of course some people decide to jump ship which leaves alot of mess in their own lives, not to mention the collateral emotional damage done to the people around them. Aaah~ Only a selfish and cowardly bastard like me can hold a narrow view such as this. Or make that a jaded Romantic addicted to BL material.

*ファック!真殿光昭(Madono Mitsuaki), who voiced Bleach’s Kon, has voiced acted in a few BL drama CDs. When I heard his voice as the uke character, 月心(Gesshin), in 月と茉莉花(Tsuki to Matsurika) I thought they’ve got the voice actor’s name wrong in the cast list. Switching between the sex scene to Madono san’s version of Cutie Honey theme song nearly gave me a stroke. The contrast was too much to handle. ><



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2 responses to “Mid-March 2009 (ホワイトデーおめでとう)

  1. shiiweii

    gal….ur blog got me blush…hahah

    • Lion’s Tail!!! I’ve never expected you to drop by and have your eyes corrupted by the things in this blog… heeheehee
      I’m happy you dropped by. Thanks for commenting dear! ^w^
      Sigh, I miss our briyani~~~

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