Youtube on Japan: Celebrity AV Predicts own Death, JAL CEO Paid Less than Pilots, Rape Club in Waseda University

Dead AV celebrity Iijima Ai predicted own death 7 years ago
(2001 entertainment program)

(Taiwanese news)

The famous celebrity Iijima Ai was found dead in her apartment in Shibuya on Christmas Eve this year. She was only 36 years old. The cause of death was yet to be known but it’s speculated to be suicide. In 2001, a Taiwanese fortune teller told her that Ai would die in 3 years time and that she can’t bring with her anything, before bursting into tears. Hmm the timing doesn’t add up. But it’s a very sorry thing to see her go. I’m certain she will be very much missed by everyone especially her fans in Japan, Taiwan and China.

JAL CEO paid less than his own pilots.

President and CEO Nishimatsu Haruka of Japan Airlines takes the public bus to work daily and eats the same food as other company staff. He doesn’t even think being paid USD 90,000 a year is a strange thing as the CEO of the top 10 companies in the airline industry. JAL has let go 4,300 staff in the 3-year restructuring exercise to survive the high fuel prices and the slowing economy. Some food for thought on top management ethics.

And now something from the other end…
Rape Club

Introducing the prestigious Waseda University’s most scandalous CCA: Super Free (rape) club. And also ‘Rapeman’. What the hell.

Japan… the country of extremes. That’s why you never fail to attract the gaijins’ attention from all over the world.


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