Now Playing: Dissidia (Sephiroth 半裸ze)

Little big sephiroth

Thanks go to Ying san for acquiring the much-anticipated PSP offering, Final Fantasy Dissidia (and letting me play Left4Dead and Sonic Unleashed on her Xbox…setting new records in her gamer history such as the fastest mutiny to occur before the hunt for zombies started in Left4Dead).
As a lazy casual gamer (oh, Zacks is still in Shinra Mansion), I’m not really into combat games and never really fancied playing Street Fighter or KOF (Cos I get thrashed and KO in a split second). But being a hapless amateur fangirl of the FF7 series (I’ve never even played FF7 before!), I headed straight for the FF7 Story. Everything went smoothly for Cloud until he got thrashed by Sephiroth with his Supernova.
Ying san played the FF10 story with Tidus (pronounced as Tida-). We call him the Prinny because he goes ‘ッス’ (a US equivalent would probably be ‘dood’ ) in every sentence of his speech.
Tidus: 俺は主人公がいいんっすか?(自爆しろ)
We started imitating Tidus.

Ying ‘Prinnyッス’
Arzen ‘Tidaッス’
Ying ‘That’s incorrect. His name is pronounced as Tida, not Tidas.’
Arzen ‘I know. But when one speaks like a Prinny…’

No matter winning or losing the fight, the player earns PP which allows the player to purchase stuff such as alternate costumes.
Of course we bought the alternate costumes for Cloud, Sephiroth and Tidus (the Prinny). The alternate costume for Sephiroth is really made for all hapless fujoshis. He lost his clothes and he’s top naked with only his pants on and Masamune to hide his chest.www

Now where could his clothes have gone?
Sephiroth loaned his clothes to Sackboy in PS3’s platform game ‘Little Big Planet’. Good thing they’ve announced that this game will be available for PSP.\(^p^)/


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