1st Day of Pre-advanced Japanese Language Course(日本語のレッスン第一課)


Night sensei was very friendly and full of energy. Without her, I think the class would have been so awkwardly silent and boring. The class size is liliputian, 8 people excluding the instructor.
The fun part of the lesson is when she showed us a video of a Japanese and a chinese in a scenario. The Chinese was looking at the sign and asked the Japanese how to read the words 「お忘れ物取り扱い所」 meaning Lost and Found. He said “お忘れ物取り…”… I wanted to flip the desk over. Seriously, a Chinese would surely know what it means just by reading the kanji and the best was he could pronounce the words on the sign which have no hiragana. The Japanese who always tries not to look directly at the Chinese replied robotically “ああーあれは「おーわーすーれーモーのーとーりーあーつーかいーじょ」。”(だせぇ。マジで日本人かい?)
Next, Night sensei tried to teach us and make us read the phrases ending with 中(chuu).
She kept repeating ‘chuu chuu chuu’ and the best was the phrase 出張中’shuchouchuu’. I can’t help but say ‘あの…先生、キスはたくさんです♪’
She looked surprised and then doubled over,covering her face and laughing embarrassedly.テラかわゆっすv
Just like Ying san, I probably have ‘sukebe ossan’ tendencies.(>3<)
After the class, I met up with Ying san for dinner and a 30 min stroll around Kinokuniya. Just 5 mins before closing time, I grabbed 2 books of Nakamura Hikaru’s「セイントおにいさん」(Saint Young Men). I’ve been looking out for the manga since I saw fanart of these characters in oebbs. I’m so glad it finally arrived in Singapore www Who would have thought of the 2 major religious figures being the best of chums?


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