I’m one year closer to my grave. (^w^)


A present from Ku-mama san! Delivered directly to my oebbs site!くーまましゃん本当にありがとうございました!!!おぉ、とてもうれしいですよ(TwT)


On my official birthday (8th of Dec) which was hours ago , I spent the whole day doing the thing I like… fondling my tablet mouse and drawing ‘delicious’ things. I wasn’t aware it was my official birthday until I saw the clock on my computer desktop. (–;)
On my real birthday (3rd of Dec), Miss 1wRong sent me a recording of her lovely voice singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at exactly midnight. I woke up that morning and it’s the 1st thing I hear before I got out of bed. And that’s when I know I’ve got the world’s loveliest friend with a big heart and an excellent memory. AND, I realised I’ve forgotten my birthday.



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2 responses to “I’m one year closer to my grave. (^w^)

  1. Rong

    dearie, u just miss my voice… =)

  2. I don’t just miss your voice dear… (>w<)
    What about the rest where the voice came from???

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