Status: TOIL & Singapore ‘Japan Media Arts Festival’ (なにそれ?もう絶望した!!!)

This is the 2nd Japanese Occupation in Singapore and it’s one of the 1st steps by Aso to invade and take over this little island. What better weapons to use than the deadly kawaii characters and artillery of anime and guerilla game titles ? Rain bombs of Japanese pop culture and sow the seeds of consumerism onto the heads of the citizens. Strike the minds of the children and pockets of the parents with bolts of Pikachu and Gundam lasers. Make these imbeciles beg with lolling tongues for more sexy moe maids with big bouncy G size chests and hunger for those sweet sailor uniforms.

Let’s start with this ‘Japan Media Arts Festival‘ where the inhabitants are bribed with free screenings of old anime in the museum. Withhold the manga heavyweights and give them something softer and cleaner, like Nodame Cantabile. They probably can’t stomach BL and Eroguro.

Yes! Revive the glory of Syonan-To once again and make this little island the beacon of Japanese pop culture and consumerism in South East Asia!

ぜんぶ(k)うそ です。てっへ♪

I just got back from my search for 77 star Pte Ltd, a company whose website claims they provide animation and manga classes certified by Yoyogi Animation Group . I went to 9 Shenton Way and there was nothing. Literally. No people, no furniture, no sign. NOTHING. No wonder the phone number no longer works. Anyway, I’m going to take up a Japanese language class instead, to console myself and further my otaku aspirations. Phew, the sensei told me I could take the pre-advanced class after giving me a little oral test. I have to thank chihaya san, nico nico douga and anime for that.

Anyway, if they’re gonna turn this art desert  of an island into a J-pop otaku paradise, make the ministers here take up Aso’s hobbies: reading manga. Like hell. I think I’ll just stay in the world of niconico douga where the real Japanese culture experience is.

I present to you our fuhrer from nico nico land … Sieg Heil!(`Д')ノ


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