40,000 hit kiriban: A present (0w0)

40 000 hits present
Isn’t this mini Cloud adorable? XD
He looks so cute with the rose on his shoulder that I could just eat him. *drool*
This pretty little picture is from dear chihaya san whom I always terrorise with my incomprehensible Japanese (No time to study Japanese mah). Perhaps it’s time to head down to Kinokuniya to browse Japanese language textbooks for free?
It really brightened my day at the office when I saw this scrumptious surprise in my oebbs site. It gave me enough energy to stay back till 8 at Singapore Die-Itchy Pte Ltd.

PS: Die-Itchy Pte Ltd is the 2nd major Japanese company I’ve audited where everyone has to change to slippers before entering the premises. Every hour, an irritating jingle will sound throughout the building. A variation of the jingle will remind everyone of lunchtime and knock off time. The distractive power of the happy jingle really got on my nerves. It’s perky quality is so artificial in a dull office setting. I’d rather hear a brass alarm ring.
In these 2 days, I was beginning to have 2nd thoughts working for a Japanese company like Die-Itchy. The Account department is always the last lot to leave the company and the Finance manager usually switches off the lights and locks the doors because she works pretty late. The company’s obsessed with cost control via multi-tasking. Well at least they did not make the staff clean up the office … I was quite surprised that despite the conditions, the Accounts staff are very friendly and helpful.


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