Status: Now playing (Last day of TOIL)

Dreadful. Just bloody dreadful. Tomorrow it’s the start of another long engagement with, of all things, HDB. Now I’m going full throttle being an otaku. Instead of visiting the Anime Fair at Suntec to ogle at a handful of cosplayers and shake my head in disappointment at the merchandise (not after seeing paradise in Tokyo), I’m shutting myself in my room oekakibbsing, reading manga and fondling my PSP for the rest of the day.

It’s high time a game like 「プリニー:俺が主人公いいんすか?」(’Prinny-Ore ga Shujinkou Iinsu Ka?’) arrived for PSP. Of course it can be put on NDS platform too… but please don’t tempt me to shell out a few more hundred bucks. I’m saving to buy a PSP-3000 once it’s out in the ‘other’ market. The battery in my phat PSP seems unable to retain power for more than 3 days. Anyway … …


The gameplay is very nostalgic and the graphics are very beautifully rendered with depth. It reminded me of those 2D sidescroll arcade games in the 90’s like Capcom’s ‘Ghouls and Ghosts’. There’s 1000 Prinnies to expend (ie to get killed) for the whole game before game over. It can get quite tough because one touch from the enemy, the Prinny explodes (ie dies). It’s fun nevertheless especially when it squeals ‘Yarareta!’ before it dies.

Yesterday, I was trawling the public oebbs site for some nice pictures to ogle at when I saw a pic of a red haired samurai. It’s from a music video called 「絶交門」(Zekkoumon) by a (gay?) joke band from Sendai called 仙台貨物(Sendai Kamotsu). Curiosity either kills the cat or rewards it with fish. Are you ready?

*Please note the emphasis on ‘Koumon, koumon’. In kanji, it can look like 肛門 which means anus.
The vocalist Chiba was supposed to be the twin brother of another vocalist called Yomi from J-Rock band, Nightmare. Chiba’s makeup and the diaper on his head makes it difficult to verify visually. But he’s still kawaii.
Nightmare is behind the OP and ED of Deathnote anime which was aired in 2006. This is ‘Lost in Blue’ where we can see how Yomi looks like…

Actually, Sendai Kamotsu is Nightmare, and Nightmare is Sendai Kamotsu. Has your brain died already? XD
I wish Gackt would have the guts to do the same.
Thank you Sendai, for Date Masamune, Monkey Majik and now, Sendai Kamotsu.


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