Status: Goodbye XP. Hello Vista.

Today, my office laptop is sent to the IT dept for the Vista migration exercise.

And so ends the long and lovely relationship with XP.

And the beginning of a nerve-wracking , nail-biting, hair-pulling life with a mega CPU power consuming, tighter controls less usability, WIP status piece of shitty operating system.

The proof? I was scheduled to turn in the laptop to the IT dept for the migration exercise at 9am in the morning. I arrived at 8.30 am and there were 3 blokes who are already using the Vista OS, awaiting for assistance. One bloke can’t access Outlook, another one can’t connect with VPN and the third one was languishing over some failed application… The IT team had no choice but to postpone my slot to the evening.

Good bye, XP. Thank you for the good times we’ve had.

PS:I particularly like the emoticon-ish aspect of ‘XP’. It looks like someone squeezing his eyes closed while sticking out his tongue. And I can never forget Ying san’s BL witticism of Windows X (Cao) P(i).


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