Status: Core training…and writing jokes(俺、監査役が似合わぬ)

If you flip a mouse, what vegetable does it turn into?

A potato. (番薯)

If you flip a mouse into a bowl of water, what do you get?

Potato soup.(番薯汤)

If you trick a mouse with a bomb?

Potato chips.(炸薯片)

If a horse pees on a mouse?

Potato aka spud.(马铃薯)

It’s amazing what the cerebral matter inside my skull could produce after only 4 hours of sleep. It’s gonna be 2 weeks of dull lessons on how to dodge review points, terrorise accountants … in short, do mindless activities that serve a negligible amount of good to mankind and hardly any good to the natural environment (the trees).

So there I was, with my buddy, Miss 1wRong sitting right smack in the front table of the class, participating actively so that the instructor could move on to the next topic. Oh my god… My university lecturers would have been so proud of me if they’ve seen me say what ‘PCAOB’ stands for. Initially I thought it was ‘Peanut Counting And Observation Board’. That’s what we do; we count other people’s peanuts and watch them make peanuts. I’ll never forget 1wRong’s face when ‘Public Chartered Accountants Oversight Board’ came out of my mouth.

And as I stared at my notebook (filled with my doodlings), the crippling joke seeped out of my brain, trickled out of my lips and into 1wRong’s ear. Then another one , and another one. The mouse potato jokes just kept coming.

But nothing can beat my cousin who’s a senior in the firm. We met him on our way to Lau Pa Sat for lunch and there were a lot of armed military police securing the area. Perhaps for fear of Lehman Bros investors conducting terrorist actitivities.

Me, 1wRong: Hey, senior, why are you surrounded by police? What crime have you committed this time huh?

Cousin: Oh, they are here to escort me back to office.

The worst thing was, he said it in a matter-of-factly way without hesitation …


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One response to “Status: Core training…and writing jokes(俺、監査役が似合わぬ)

  1. Rong

    u’re the good one dearie! u’re the mind-crippling one. i’m just your accompaniment at times… haha!!!

    erm, of cos, chin wei is the BESTest one… :p

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