Mid-Autumn Festival 2008 (ムーンケーキを食べよう)


What better way to celebrate the mid-autumn festival in an island where it’s summer all year round than gorge on mooncakes?

The wife of my dad’s  KL business partner is a culinary goddess and the snowskin yam mooncakes she made is absolutely divine! The skin has the same chewy texture as mochi rice cakes and the yam filling is not too sweet unlike the typical sugar overload in a traditional mooncake. I can’t help but sneak into the kitchen to steal a hapless mooncake to satisfy my cravings.  Mmmm…. Just like love, this mooncake can’t be bought with money.


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One response to “Mid-Autumn Festival 2008 (ムーンケーキを食べよう)

  1. Rong

    dearie, this looks really very very nice!!! i wan a piece of it also! \(^_^)/

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