My new fave: Gackpoid in niconico

ガックポイド (Gackpoid)

Perhaps this vocaloid has the most number of beautiful (and kuso) fanarts ever drawn. Just looking at the few professionally rendered artworks that appear on niconico videos is enough to wish for a Gackpoid anthology… …

I came across Gackpoid in an Ikebukuro electronics store while searching for a pen tablet with Chihaya san. I was amazed Gackt actually lent his voice for this audio  software and didn’t think much on the wonders it could do in music composition and arrangement. It’s the name ‘Gackt’ that boosts sales, no?

Until I heard some of the music compositions/ arrangements and other songs sung using Gackpoid on niconico video (Japan’s better version of Youtube). An original song composed by a nico user called いーえろP which I find really good is Grave Post’s ‘Kimi no iru basho‘. The vocals are totally synthesised from Gackpoid software. Hard to believe when it sounds so natural.

The good ones are awesome. The vocaloid could make the vocals sound so erotic! One nico user commented that her ears are made pregnant after listening to a BL game theme song ‘Under the darkness’ sung by Gackpoid.

The kuso ones are also awesome! And I’m not being sarcastic about the kuso ones because they are so brain-numbingly hilarious! Here’s ‘Dancing Samurai’. Starting dancing or go perform hara kiri ( ritual suicide by disembowelment)!

A hardcore Gackt-obssessed fan would probably wish the author is burnt on the stake. There’s even a song sung by Gackpoid about wanting to eat shit and not leaving any behind (Unko tabetai…).

It’s amazing how a product in the Japanese market could shape the culture of the online community. The distinct colour of each vocaloid is represented by food items. It was not known who started it. For example, green-haired Miku’s edible mascot is Japanese spring onion known as negi. As for purple-haired Gackpoid, his representative item is eggplant aka nasu. Yummy!



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