R and R in Kuala Lumpur(お宅ライフ)

It’s a 5-day rest and relax program for me in Kuala Lumpur this week.

My itinerary is : eat, sleep, draw, play video games, read manga/doujins and surf the net. And play with my cousin’s lovely bitch, Jing Jing. (sorry about the language…bad influence from my cousin’s latest purchase, Grand Theft Auto IV)

The game is very violent, proliferating with swear words and senseless criminal activities. It’s like junk food, bad for the health but really tasty. The main character Niko, an East European immigrant, is free to earn a quick buck driving taxis, chaffeuring gangsters, extortion, running down innocent bystanders… etc and he could spend it all on booze, go on a date (and getting laid) or strip clubs (my favourite).

Otherwise, he could stay home and watch the TV which the player can enjoy. The dialogue and TV programmes poke fun at the social issues plaguing America. For example, one of the anti-terrorist messages on Niko’s TV flashes ‘Brown=Terrorist’ in white bold letters across the screen. Highly entertaining.

Just imagine, two twenty-plus year old girls watching strippers gyrating and thrusting into a game character’s face on the computer screen … (>w<;)



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2 responses to “R and R in Kuala Lumpur(お宅ライフ)

  1. Ying

    You are a beast!

  2. Wild pig.
    Tell me more, tell me interesting things! You are great!

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