Status: Life as an A11 (Level up) in Die Co

… feels like being in a labyrinth.

I’m feeling one of those situations where I’m wandering aimlessly and dying to do something or else go home and sleep.

Yup, it’s called wasting time that’s why I decided to do something constructive like writing his post.

I’m tasked to do some hardcore analytical review on everything. Ok, seems easy. The problem is, who can I speak to? Even the senior has no idea. (^w^)

The A10s are all fired up and had gotten down to work on design & implementation enquiries as I look on… thinking…’Jeez I’ve done D & I once in my life as an A10. Hohohoho…’.

Hmm…maybe I should start drafting my first ever BL manga…

Speaking of BL, I suspect the male manager is a seme. The victim? My male colleague who’s from China. It started when the manager started asking which managers’ group we belonged to. My senior replied that she and I were from the same group.

The manager nodded and he turned to my colleague and said “お前は俺の。” (You are mine.)


I repeated what he said out loud “えぇ…お前は俺の?”.

The manager paused for a minute before he replied quickly “いや、お前は俺のグループに…”.(You are in my group)

Uh hoh! (゜∀゜)


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