Status: TOIL-Travelling On Individual Leisure

Today’s the day where I’m gonna fly from this miniscule island to a bigger cluster of islands called Japan.

Ah, and as usual things won’t go as smoothly as one would like to.

1) I bought a backpack to put my things in on the eve of my flight when I found out that generations of roaches have made home in my brother’s haversack. It is not as big as I wanted it to be but at least it can pass off as carry-on luggage.

2) The battery charger of my camera did not light up when I plugged it in. Shit. I’m thinking of just using my phone as a substiture.

3) I’ve not bought a travel adapter to fit the Singaporean 3 pronged plug to any electrical outlet in Japan.

4) I’ve got 2 travel insurances… because my dad bought me one without telling me.

5) I ate too much Indian nasi briyani and even had durian just now. My intestines are feeling rather funky. Oh, and the flatulence is divine. One whiff and you are ready to ascend to heaven, if you’ve been good. Otherwise it’s hell for naughty people like myself.

Ok, I’ll survive this. No matter what happens, what matters is the experience. I’ll make it back alive and well. (>w<) Whoopee~ and it’s nice of chihaya san to meet me for dinner on my 1st day. I hope the nasi briyani won’t embarrass me in public. The fart’s so potent, I might be mistaken for an Aum Shinryo cult follower.


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