Kim Min Jong’s Birthday (韓国のNo.1スターが描いた絵を持ってる!!!)

Kudos to Miss TwT for encouraging me to send something to Kim Min Jong even though I admit I’m not a hardcore fan like her.

So I drew a birthday card depicting the adorable Han Geum Soo from “Matchless Beauty Pak Chong Geum” drama which is showing in Korea right now. (^o^)b  It’s a really good drama. Take it from someone who only subsists on anime.


On Good Friday night, I received a message from Miss TwT.

Her Korean friend, Algus, found the picture “interesting” and put it in 1st page of the album for Kim Min Jong… …. and she took a photo of him after she passed the flowers and presents to him.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god


しんじられないぃぃぃぃ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! ミンジョン氏MOE!!!!!!!!\(≧ワ≦)/

It’s surreal man…. He’s holding up the album with my drawing in it…

The no.1 “all-round entertainer” star of Korea…is so sweeeeeet to his fans!!!! No wonder even the male fans go ga-ga over him. How ga-ga? Enough to say “I love you, big brother”. (0w0;)



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2 responses to “Kim Min Jong’s Birthday (韓国のNo.1スターが描いた絵を持ってる!!!)

  1. Rong

    dearie, your ahjumma show is 50 eps long!!!!! i’m shocked!!!! either the subbers are very enthusiastic or they really love it. i’m sure you prefer the latter. but anyway, it’s got quite good ratings i korea le. haha. if it makes you and weiting happy to hear that. actually she would know it. ahha…

  2. YY Tan

    Errr…I thought you were supposed to blog abt me? Rem?? My food and I?

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