Status: IFRS Framework Test:90% (頭の必要は…ない)

As usual the learning centre spammed us with a list of crims who failed to complete certain learning modules which they haven’t the faintest idea of its existence. So I got down to complete the crap before Moday when they will generate a list of those still haven’t got the faintest idea these crap modules exist.

Step one: Go to the learning resource site to enrol a crap module.

Step two: After getting spammed with the auto-confirmation, launch the crap module.

Step three: Wade through the crap. And here’s a 2 examples how the crap looks like.


Like for god’s sakes, if they have no idea what the hell this ‘fair value’ is, why is it becoming more important??? I think the guy who invented ‘fair value’ is either getting high on LSD when he/she came up with the concept or he shared his LSD with the High Temple of Accounting Priests. Does IFRS stands for ‘I’m F**king Really Stupid’?

IRShit dead pig

And this is a savage representation of the definition of expenses… Poor pig.

Step four: Take the assessment like picking lottery numbers. If you’re lucky like me, you can score 90% on 1st try! Or you can get friends close to sainthood to send you some ‘supplementary’ packages to help you with the score.



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2 responses to “Status: IFRS Framework Test:90% (頭の必要は…ない)

  1. Rong

    IFRS stands for ‘I’m F**king Really Stupid’?

    dearie, i loved it!!! =) man, i just can’t stop laughing when i read this!!! my blog entry is up! :p don’t kill me ya?

  2. Thanks darling!! I’m so lovely in your blog entry~
    The leek cannot compete with your divine beauty and the big head of lettuce cannot outsmart the tons of intelligence you have stored in your ‘xiao wan zi’ head.
    Next time we’ll try project mame…but I doubt the Japs would respond cos they are good at feigning unawareness.
    Bokura no Mame!!!!!!!!!!

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