Status: Feeling like a tourist while at work (日本旅行こんなに行きたいかな~)

When at work, I try to have a good time… even though it’s bad most of the time because it’s work,duh.

I guess I’m just yearning to go somewhere foreign and exotic and erotic ahem, I mean  far far away. The temptation to buy a ticket and jet off to Japan weighs so heavy in my head. But the consequences of doing so weighs heavy on my wallet too.

Anyhow, to satisfy my touristy urges, I try to make do with what I have here.

During the Coolinga audit, I was left to have my 1st packet lunch in the board room after returning from sighting some kitchen appliances at the company’s restaurant. Oh, it’s chicken rice with an egg. Damn, I shouldn’t have declined the restaurant manager’s offer to prepare lunch for me. To rub lemons on my stomach walls, the chef’s French.

Oh well, I’ll just pretend it is a Singapore -style oyako-don with an in-house movie starring the yummy-licious lambchops, Kim Min Jong (So damn kawaiiiiiiii~~~~even though he’s 37)

Another time where I got the tourist sensation was 2 days ago while helping out an asst. manager with Lirpa Group. The 1st task was to retrieve the arch files from the secretary’s room at UOB Plaza. Yes, ma’am!

So off I strolled from Shenton Way to the Singapore river where the tourists are loitering about and taking pictures of Dali’s sculpture ‘Newton’ which stands right in front of the plaza. I exchanged my student ez-link card for an access card at the security counter. (I was pretending to be an intern)

The access card allows the user to pass through those cumbersome gantries that stand between the lifts and escalators. I got onto the transit lift which only has one floor, 38th, where the transit lounge is.

The lift doors opened and voila!

I couldn’t help but go through the gantry which separates the lift lobby and the viewing gallery. My distraction is absolutely rewarding. I feel like a tourist!!!

After ogling at the skyline, I went back to my mission. That is, to get to the 50th floor to get those files.

…And there were a lot of files….

So much that I decided to steal a cardboard box to put everything in. The paper bags I brought were getting torn.

… And no, it’s impossible to walk back to Shenton Way with all these garbage.


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