Visit to the Louvre Exhibition (紀伊国屋、ありがとう~!)

 Guess what I’ve brought back home this Saturday~

louvre photos-ani

For more photos, click here to view the slideshow →    Louvre Exhibition photos

Finally, I got to see some magnificent Greek sculptures from the Louvre without flying to Paris. And for free too!!!

Kudos to my obssessive need to sniff out any membership perks and books at Kinokuniya’s website. It’s a wonderful Saturday morning when I didn’t have to go to work because the seniors wanted to do it on Sunday (I wish they’re Christians.Damnit.). I had only one plan. That plan is to go for Body Balance class to get my spine realigned and my mood lifted and thereafter a little shopping at Kinokuniya, like always. I went to my laptop to plan my Kinokuniya shopping and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Kinokuniya members are given complimentary tickets to see the Louvre exhibition at the newly refurbished National Museum. So off I went, back to my alma mater, the city campus of my SMUgger life right after a rejuvenating session at Planet Fitness.

For starters, the museum looks fabulous with glass windows, clean open space and mechanical swinging chandeliers that remind me of those deadly swing axes which a computer game character has to scurry through. Down the basement I went and passing through the gantry, I entered the ancient world of the Greeks. 

It’s amazing how the Greek artisans in that time could sculpt so much detail on their marble masterpieces. The lifesize Lion looks so real, with muscles rippling and it’s mouth open, waiting to get a bite out of a hapless museum visitor. The marble deities and men are meticulously carved, in perfect physical proportions and delicately curved. How well these master sculptors could deceive the eyes! The soft silk that wraps the voluptuous body of Aphrodite is carved out of hard marble. The delicate white folds drape naturally around her sensuous hips, that one forgets it is made of stone.

Yowzah! And I got to see beautiful bodies of men with their awesome muscle structure in languid standing poses. Not sure about the female statues though because the anatomy resembles more like that of a man on estrogen pills. Artisans back then like to use boys as models (for moral reasons? But then again, the Greeks invented homosexuality). All they have to do is to add 2 fleshy mounds to the chest and 2 fleshy pads to the hips. Voila, a sculpture of woman.

What made this visit even better was a play on ‘Agamemnon’ from The Oresteia trilogy by some NAFA theater students. They performed right inside the exhibition space and frankly, I’ve never seen drama this close. It’s a tragedy written by Aeschylus of Athens and tells of war, betrayal, murder, matricide and the nature of justice. In my opinion, the dramas by the Greeks should be classified as R18 with all its sex and violence.

Well, it’s a fulfilling and enjoyable day. I’ve snapped 250MB worth of photos with my handphone. I would like to go to the museum again to chill out. Oh gods, hear my prayer~


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