This is the peak. The goddamn peak.

I’ve been slogging in office since last Saturday, everyday, from morning 8.30am till 11pm.

My job is to crouch over heaps of paper with pencil in hand and my poor ‘MONO’ eraser (which has disintegrated into a sorry piece of grey and powdery matter) by my side, peering at the tiny laptop screen and putting numbers on paper. Ooh~ how satisfying.

The dull throbbing in the head, puffy eyes and stiff shoulders are the fruits of my labour. Plus a generous helping of fatigue, testy bowels and aggravated amnesia to boot.

I have no idea how the sempais could survive coming to work before us and leaving after us. It’s superhuman.

I dread getting promoted.

Miss 1wRong and I decided to make it through till the next year until we get ourselves promoted to the next level then we jump ship.

Before that, we must get out of this alive.

(this too will pass, this too will pass, this too will pass… …)



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4 responses to “Auditor:感最悪、監査役だ!!!

  1. Rong

    This will definitely pass…

    We will survive and emerge stronger than ever… only to jump ship at the end of our promotion if things can only get bleaker. =)

    gambatte yo! @_@

  2. yoshi! Gambarimashou!!!
    After we get promoted in 6 months time,
    Nigerimashou!!! \(>ヮ<)/
    Thanks for reading this post dear!

  3. Rong

    Dear, i was so shocked today. i heard my senior who told me about her friend who went to Debit Duisse. her friend worked til 12midnight for the past 4 mths since she started. maybe her trading desk is the sucky kind… but still.. darn…

  4. Hahaha
    Debit Duisse, that’s a good one.
    Then is Delete and Touch Tomatoes the lesser evil?
    Prolly ur snr’s fren is in a sucky dept. (><)

    Ooh, the world of finance is such a pain in the arse.
    Zookeeping anyone?

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