Why must the holidays end so sooon??!!!囧rz
I don’t want to go to work…I want to be a hikkikomori… Aah,what a cursed blessing it is to be employed.
Thanks to my cousin, she helped me recover my inner ‘fuujoushi’.
Now my MOE meter has returned to normal levels.(´∀`)
うっほ!The following manga was inspired by Chihaya san’s Chupa Chups Sephiroth~vvv

My doggie Zacks has arrived at Niebelheim and he’s fought Sephiroth. It’s the final chapter. I can’t believe my Crisis Core gameplay’s going to end very soon… (T_T)
I’m absolutely unmotivated to continue…



Filed under ネタ・漫画, FFCrisisCore

2 responses to “FFCC:モエを贈ろうか?

  1. Now this is my dear fujoushi cousin!
    Thanks for your gift by the way! Can I place it in my site? Ne?

  2. Glad you like it.(^w^;)
    是非どうぞ~It’s your present.

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