Kim Min Jong: Cute or Cool? (´∀`) *キュン*

あぁ~鼻血が出す。I didn’t realise that the dark shirt underneath is transluscent…I can see that the he really has a good body.

According to my assistant sempai, Kim Min Jong plays an adorable bra designer(I think) in this love comedy. The following is the OST from “Do you love me?” where he plays a surgeon in this tragic love story.(the surgeon dies for the girlfriend he dumped) メガネもえ

Yes, and these are sung by him.(≧ワ≦)素敵♪

So which Kim Min Jong do you prefer? He’s such a versatile actor and singer that I can understand why he’s still the king “万能(マンネン)エンタテーナー”in Korea. 

I can’t bear his eyes… it’s a good thing he always wears sunglasses. His gaze is the cause for his leading ladies to NG several times. Ay, I’ve never seen a Korean male star who’s not slitty-eyed until Kim Min Jong.  (´Д`)



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2 responses to “Kim Min Jong: Cute or Cool? (´∀`) *キュン*

  1. Rong

    dearie, u’re really gone gone gone over him. u sure you’re fine? heh… had a great workout today, thanks to your recommendation. most likely i’ll see you 2 wks later cos of this coming sat’s stock take. @_@

  2. Hey dearie!!!(>ワ<)/”
    It was a challenging but refreshing workout yea?! You can show off to ur yoga sensei the one hand plank!!!Brava!

    Thanks for dropping by. I think I’ve been infected by KMJ virus. The more I read about him, the more I want to check out his dramas, just to see for myself how good he can act!
    Next thing on the list: join his unofficial fansite

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