Status: MWDeepavali (先輩達と会計士は優しいけど)

Aah, another interim job… … I’m not going to oekaki for a week.

 When I saw the name and the address of the client, I felt nothing more than a healthy rush of trepidation. It’s called MWDeepavali and is located in the bustling industrial area of Senoko, where the Yakult factory is. 

But things aren’t as bad as I thought it would be.

My sempai is human as she starts booking taxis at 8.30pm and in the mornings, would pick me up from my house. I never felt so stressed in my life when she wanted to help me do TODs so she can go home and review the work…(review her own work…?)
My sempai is generous as she bought a box of kuehs from THAT ondeh-tapioca-durian crepe(drool) stall in Amoy food centre for us!!! Omigawd. Now I feel more stressed. It’s all my conscience’s fault.
My assistant sempai has the same name as me and I guess we share the same thoughts when it comes to career. That is, career takes a backseat when it comes to quality of living. Health is priority man! She proposed we should migrate to Australia and slack as auditors there.

The accountant is a wonderful lady who chats with us and always answers our tedious, dumb questions with a smile. The ubiquitous response from most accountants would be the sweetest frown they could ever muster.
Then there’s her accounts assistant Muddy, whose skin color is as dark as his name. But his ID states his designation as ‘Construction worker’. He’s a nice guy who gives me the P.O.(purchase orders) file when I ask for Payroll file.

And when I dug through the payroll documents. I realised all the workers (save for the accountant and the management) in MWDeepavali are APNN and they live in the dormitory just beside the building.
Man, my karma smells like coconut oil. Miss 1wRong will definitely laugh.



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4 responses to “Status: MWDeepavali (先輩達と会計士は優しいけど)

  1. xinyi

    man, you sure have all the luck with n^2*ap! hahahaha! =P

  2. Rong

    gee, i’m laughing like MADNESS!!!!!!! i’m rolling on the floor with laughter la!!!! :p dear, i miss you so much. shall we go out together next sat? hee… i can meet you on monday morning in office since i’m submitting timesheet?

    shall we start planning for our japan trip in may????????? =)

  3. Rong


  4. Arzenさんこんばんは(≧w≦)/
    Be careful not to catch a cold☆

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