BL OD (BLマンが買いすぎ!)

(Saya & Hagi. Nothing to do with this post though… perhaps Hagi’s bare chest?)

Aaaaaaargh. I’m quite broke now. There’s a gaping hole in my debit card.

I spent over $100 on comic anthologies (which I regretted cos the art is below my expectations) hoping to find a yummy one-shot by a prolific manga artist. Like my favourite, Ogasawara Uki 小笠原宇紀 (尊敬) or Inariya Fusanosuke 稲荷屋房之介(好き).


Now there’s too many BL manga to study. Study? Yes, ‘study’ because it’s a great way to learn how to draw human (male) anatomy.  From the head to the muscular structure of the torso and limbs to the *cough cough* which I don’t have.

And I’m so disappointed I won’t be learning much on that with this pile. Maybe on character design and settings…(Teacher x student, Boss x Subordinate etc)


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2 responses to “BL OD (BLマンが買いすぎ!)

  1. Rong

    dear, i found alvan’s blog on his 6 weeks trip in japan. think u’d love it. there’re so many pictures that you can’t imagine!!! i so wanna go japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yaaaa!!!! He made me want to learn how to ride a bike! Sooo cool!!! Saves on transport cost too!
    What surprised me was he lived and studied in Japan before! Man, I really loved reading about his biking tour in Japan.
    Rainen nihon he ikoo ka? (>w<)
    Must prepare stacks of yen to spend…

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