FFCC:Shopping (攻略本とポーションが必要に)

Potion will be on sale on 23rd Oct 2007 to commemorate the 7-year anniversary of FFVII and to boost Suntory’s softdrink revenue (Square Enix’s royalty revenue too?). (@∀@;)

What better way to ensure the success of the drink manufacturer’s marketing campaign than the good old TV commercial?

… …I can’t believe Zack left the Buster Sword outside the convenience store.

I wonder how the Potion tastes like? Even though I know it’s basically made up of water, sugar and colouring… and that it raises my sugar  level rather than HP (HP↓)… OTL


With the yummy-licious pictures of Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud and other FF7 characters plastered onto the cans, these cans are worth collecting! 16 of them in all! Any self-respecting FF7 fan would gladly suffer diabetes for their favourite characters, no?

I gladly burnt a hole in my wallet, again. This time, giving a part of my hard-earned income to Kinokuniya. I bought the last ‘Crisis Core FF7 Ultimania’ strategy guidebook in the store, ‘The Boy’ by Germaine Greer, ‘Japanese Comickers 2’ artbook, 2 B’s Log monthly comic and ‘メイド・イン・王子’, a BL comic which I regretted buying (I don’t like shota). Total: SGD $170++

And there’s alot of books in my amazon.jp shopping cart waiting to be bought… (@Д@;)


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