FFCC: OST (素敵110%)

Let’s go get the long-awaited Final Fantasy Crisis Core OST! わん!わん!vvv

Finally!!! It’s here!!!

I don’t have to run the UMD to listen to the music anymore. Thanks to Godai, I finally got my hands on the OST!!!

There’s not one track that’s made me want to FFWD or skip to the next track. (which I’d usually do for any album) Takeharu Ishimoto did an excellent job in re-arranging and re-interpreting some of Nobuo Uematsu’s works such as ‘Those who Fight Further’ and ‘The Turks’ Theme’. However, the only downer was in his handling of the ‘One Winged Angel’ march. It felt like the angel could hardly fly with the slow and elephantine chorus.

I really loved the richness of the music with the use of electric guitar, violin, piano and classic guitar. The melodies strike a chord in the heartstrings. From the adrenaline pumping ‘Combat’ to the  carefree ‘Wandering on a Sunny Afternoon’ to the melancholic Crisis Core theme, ‘Successor’.

I could feel my heart break when I listened to ‘The Price of Freedom’, a moving piece where the mournful strains of the violin is accompanied by the lonely strumming of guitar. I could imagine this would be the music when Zack dies after saving Cloud. It’s so sad to listen that I’m not motivated to finish the game… I don’t want to see my doggie die so tragically!!!


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