ダメか?だ・め・か?????? うぇ~~ん

I was looking forward to applying for the Japan Exchange and Teaching(JET) Program when I read the eligibility list:

1. You must be a Singaporean, not just Permanent resident. (F**k!!!)

2. You must apply to the Japanese embassy in your country of origin. (F**k!!!The embassy’s in Kuala Lumpur?!) 

3. Not all participating countries in the list are recruiting for the JET Program this year. (F*****k!)

I’m a Malaysian with Singaporean permanent residency and I checked the Japanese Embassy of Malaysia website. Nothing on JET.

ちっくしょ! あたまキタYO!




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2 responses to “JETに行きたいのに、ダメかな?

  1. Rong

    Relax, dearie, there’s defintely going to be other ways out… i’m so going to miss you tml when u’re at Jurong. Tml could be your karmic maturity period so just bear with it yea? i’ll be supporting you! =)

  2. I’ll miss u too!!!
    Thank you being with me all the way.
    Let’s Gambarimasu!!!

    By the way, this is not apune…it’s paki. And he already turned my A10 Malay colleague into an A11 with all the sh*t work. (T_T)

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