FFCC: A Mission Accomplished in the Toilet(だから仕事に遅れた)

I had a stomachache when I arrived at the MRT station near my office so heeding the call of nature, I went to the toilet to do a really big business. Our darling senior allowed us to return to the office in the morning to submit our timeshits. So… no hurry for me to reach the office on the dot.(^^)

It’s been ages since I’ve brought my doggie Zack out for a spin in Midgar, smashing pirated Shinra war mecha and obliterating bouncing cacti etc.

There’s one particular mission under the Shinra Company folder which is very tough. My poor doggie died twice in it. He had to hack hopelessly at machines which are impervious to whatever physical attacks Zack is able to carry out. I tried Blizzardga, Firaga, Thundera, Jump, Revolving Attack… nothing worked. I could not even extract one HP out of these blasted machines. Worse, these damn mecha sucks up Zack’s MP(cannot cure!) and AP(cannot dodge!) before delivering HP depleting bombs until I hear my poor doggie scream and fall to the ground.

No other place is more inspiring than the toilet. It is the source of creativity and intellectual  stimulation. A light bulb lit up when I was sitting on the toilet.

I equipped Zack with Graviga(グラビが)materia, a mega-spell that takes out half of the enemy’s HP, and sent him to face the mecha.

Lo and behold, the moment the purplish black orb descended upon the mecha and exploded, 3345 HP was taken out of the mechanic bastards. And all that was needed to finish them off is a swipe of Zack’s sword.

So easy.


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