Status: OT mode in Saint Tek(もう残業)


This company Saint Tek is really much more heavenly than the pits of despair from JustDieAlready.

We’re given a generous supply of Ice Mountain mineral water (already consumed 6 boxes so far) and were allowed to use the private toilets (female & male) in the director’s room(huge and has a towering VSOP bottle waiting to be drunk). Most importantly, the staff are humans. They have hearts unlike the demoness in JustDieAlready.

To quote from the senior in charge of this job, Rey, he said this is one of the better companies we’re working on. The rest are usually ‘大便小便’. Usually those jobs that last more than 3 weeks are the biggest piles of shit. Well, Saint Tek is only for 2 weeks. Therefore it’s not a shit/piss job. This is already the 2nd week which explains today’s OT til midnight.眠い~

Today my senior Rey is ultra hyper. He’s so deep in saikang-rush mode that he started echoing “Beat it~beat it~ Beat it~beat it~” when Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’ was being played on his laptop. I think he’s gone… My mind’s going too.

Argh. Overtime really kills… sanity.

I don’t like it. DAIKIRAI!残業いやだ!!!(>_<)

I wonder how’s OT for the average Japanese salaryman and office lady…


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