FFCC:Curiosity killed the Dog(やっぱ、スイッチを押した)

Zack and Angeal arrived at the Shinra building where they met Sephiroth who’s coolly wiping out the enemies with one hand. Genesis is attacking the building in order to kill Prof Hojo. Angeal and Sephiroth decided to wipe out the invaders and stop Genesis while Zack was sent to ensure Prof Hojo’s safety.

When my doggie arrived at Prof Hojo’s laboratory, I let him sniff around the place. There’s 3 machines which Zack can explore. One of them allows Zack to increase his SP only if the player presses stop on time. Otherwise, Zack will suffer a decrease in SP.

The game asks:すわれてみる?
(Touch and see?)
2 options: 「当然!」   or 「いやいや、やめとこ。」

(Of course!)

The other 2 machines are much more interesting. I steered Zack onto one of them and he exclaims:

(Oh Oh!Looks complex!)

Then the game asks 何かいじってみるか?
2 options:「スイッチをおしてみる。」 or 「いや、やめておくべきだ。」

(Press the switch to see.)

There’s a loud metallic thump and Zack looks around:
(What sound is that?)

Prof Hojo: 「実験用モンスターをしたの階に放ったな。」
(The monsters for experimental purposes in the level below have been released.)

So Zack is sent to steal room keys from the cat-like monsters with ‘Steal’ materia before exterminating them. These keys open doors to rooms with treasure chests, a bed and a toilet bowl.

The 3rd machine is even more interesting.
When Zack gets onto the platform in front of the screen, he reads the warning and says to himself:
(Danger, do not touch…? If that’s what I’m told…)

2 options: 「やっぱ、触るしかないよな」 or 「やっぱ、触るバカいないよな!」

(Of course, there’s nothing to do but touch it.)

He goes 「うわ!」 and there’s a white flash.
Our doggie finds himself in a scorching desert.
(What the hell is this…Damn hot…Shrivelling because it
s so dry…Where is this place man!?)

Our poor doggie hunches over in resignation as he looks around.
Then, monster worms appear.

(No kidding!?Monsters at a time like this! I’ll surely lose fighting in such a hot place as this!! I say, what is this!?)
He finds himself some basic materia like Kearu healing materia.

(There’s no free time for thinking. I’ll use what is available!)

And our doggie fights the worms. After that, he continues moaning and groaning in the searing heat.

(What’s to become of me…but…Hot…Water…Give me water…My throat’s rattling…Eyes blurring…What’s to become of me from now…I…Am I really here…How can I get back…I say!)

More worms appear. I must say in such a big heap that I doubt I can help Zack survive.
Zack swings his sword about, yelling:
(Urgh, these guys again!!Uwa!!Stay away from me——!! What the?!)

There’s a white flash and he finds himself back in the lab with the the words 「System Error」 flashing on the machine’s screen.
Prof Hojo looked at him and said:
(Due to your brutishness, this sophisticated machine is damaged. You will shoulder the repair costs. I’m not talking about the total sum in a single payment. That’s because it’s a very huge sum. 20% of your monthly salary will be deducted. I estimate that you’ll be able to pay off everything in 10 years’ time.)

Our poor doggie is stunned.
(T…Twenty percent? And in 10 years!? Despite all the pains to get promoted to 1st Class and the increase in salary…)
Our poor doggie hunches over in resignation.

Curiosity can kill dogs too.


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