FFCC:Romancing Zack(ザッくん・ラブ)

Zack is now at level 24.

After getting punched by Angeal and fallling, Zack hears someone calling him ,「もし、も~し v」. He opens his eyes and sees Aerith in front of him. She’s such a charming little lady who loves flowers with a vengeance. When I steered Zack into the yellow flowers growing in the church, Aerith shouted for him to stop and the doggie obeyed her. Even when the church is empty and I steered Zack into the flower patch for fun, Zack would stop and say it’s better not to step on the flowers. Good boy!
The church has a save point where I ‘farmed’ my doggie by putting him through various missions like getting called ‘Sukebe’ by Yuffie (identified herself as a sexy treasure huntress in the junk mail) or finding that cactus monster サポテンダーwhich is ridiculously small, cute and easily exterminated. I don’t know how the サポテンダーDMW’s gonna be like in Chocobo mode. We’ve seen the Tonberry one. And Cait Sith DMW is very cute with Zack looking confused when Cait Sith suddenly jumped in front of him and Cait Sith waving at the player. The result is an increase in damage to the enemies when Zack begins slashing at them.

Back to the main story…
Aerith gave Zack a tour around the slums where she lives in. The slums are located right under the Midgar plate. Aerith and others who are born in the slums have never seen the sky and they make a living scavenging for stuff that dropped from Midgar. The couple arrived at the market where our doggie lost his wallet to a young pickpocket. Zack went around asking for the shop owners to catch the pickpocket for him. They promised but when the kid showed up. No one gave a damn. The accessory seller said he can’t run that fast. A perfume shop owner even told Zack to head to the opposite direction from the kid, just to have a laugh. Bitch.
Worse, there’s a little kid who promised information about the pickpocket in exchange for potion. I made Zack hand it over. The kid thanked him and said the pickpocket’s behind him. Zack turned but there’s no pickpocket. “Too bad, he ran off.”, the kid said smugly and told Zack he’ll provide information in exchange for potion. This exchange repeats for 5 times and in the end, I hit the RESET buttons to load the last save point. Damn kid.


Finally, with Aerith’s help, the pickpocket’s finally caught. The reason why this kid stole is because monsters in the gardens had taken away his money to buy medicine. So I sent Zack to fight 3 worms. With his wallet back in his pocket, our hero and Aerith decided to go shopping. At the accessory seller’s place, Aerith was looking at some ribbons as Zack waited. Then, he offered to buy anything that caught her fancy, to thank her for her 「もし、も~し」. She replied the date which they are having together is the repayment. Zack told her to make this a present to celebrate their first meeting together. So… he bought her the pink ribbon which she continues to wear in FFVII.(≧w≦)

Then our 2 lovebirds went for a walk in the gardens(which is a playground made of sand and rubbish) and Aerith mentioned that Soldiers are unnatural and frightening because they seek the thrill of fighting. Zack confessed that he is a Soldier. Awkward silence. And then:

(Zack turns to her and points at his face)

I can’t stand it!!! This doggie is so adorable!!!Gyaaaa!!!(≧ワ≦)

Aerith admires his clear blue eyes and Zack tells her that this is the colour of the sky which she has never seen in her life.
Zack’s handphone shattered the romantic moment. He was ordered to rush back to the Shinra HQ as it was under attack by Genesis and his clones. After Aerith left, Zack heads towards Shinra building. It was mayhem. The highways of Midgar were in flames with those bigass machines and Genesis clones strewn all over the place for Zack to hack at.
After all the hacking, Zack continued his way to the smoking Shinra building until Angeal appeared before him, with white feathers floating around him. Angeal asked for Zack to lend him a hand. Zack thought for a moment and then agreed to help. Angeal flew over Zack and floated quietly behind our doggie.
Then he wrapped an arm around Zack’s waist and took off, heading for Shinra building.

‘It’s much more convenient and faster to fly, isn’t it?’ by Angeal.

YES, I agree.(鼻血)


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