FFCC:Zack Fair,Soldier 1st Class(うれしくないの?)

Zack is at level 20, thanks to the rewarding side missions and Prof Hojo’s ego.

Prof Hojo is a mad scientist with an extremely huge ego. He challenged Zack to a training simulation to prove the perfection of his simulated monsters. I can’t stand the way he goes 「くっくっくっく…」and then「くぁっくぁっくぁ…」 ?! He quacks?! Anyway. at level 19, Zack need only to execute 3 hits at most to bring down Hojo’s monsters. The last one was a big-ass Behemoth which Zack could handle with Kearu healing magic, timely dodging and DMW.

One of the side missions to search for items rewarded Zack with a Tonberry DMW, after battling those tiresome creatures. Tonberry may look cute and harmless, armed with only a dagger and a lantern, its dagger can do serious damage to Zack’s HP. Zack had to hack one Tonberry several times and use Kearu magic to restore his HP.
In a Tonberry DMW(after entering Chocobo mode), the Tonberry rises menancingly and points its dagger at Zack. Zack shakes his head and hands pleadingly as the Tonberry walks towards him. The Tonberry’s foot gets caught onto a stone and it trips. The dagger from its hand flew into the air and landed onto the enemy with a 「ぷす」. CUTE☆

I decided to send Zack to Lazard where Sephiroth’s waiting. Zack is promoted to Soldier 1st Class! But our poor doggie isn’t happy about it. Well, me too. The next order was for Angeal to be exterminated. Sephiroth had refused to take on this job because it meant killing a friend with his own hands. In the end, he agreed to take on the job. I’ve never seen the human side of Sephiroth until this. He’s so cool when he tells Zack that the mission to exterminate Angeal had failed….(deliberately let Angeal off). The poor doggie was happy again!

*Yawn~~~I cannot….cannot keep awake anymore…To cut the story short, Zack and Sephiroth are sent to search for Hollander the scientist, Genesis and Angeal. Zack meets Angeal and is shocked when a white wing sprouts out of his shoulder. Zack said that having a white wing does not mean one had become a monster, one had become an angel. Angeal replied that if he had turned into an angel then what does an angel dream of having? It is the wish to become human again. After having said this, he ordered his puppy dog to fight him. Zack laughed and shook his head. Angeal looked at him and punched him in the gut.(NOooo!!!Animal Abuse!) Again, Angeal ordered his puppy dog to fight him which Zack again refused. Angeal releases a fireball at Zack, blasting the floor and our puppy dog plummets below, yelling Angeal’s name.



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2 responses to “FFCC:Zack Fair,Soldier 1st Class(うれしくないの?)

  1. sukoi…..

    hontouni ……..

    ya mmejor me la dejo deesperta XD

    bueno esta rebueno el dibujo


    arigatou dozo xd


  2. Hola AlSuVi!
    Sorry I don’t know Spanish at all.Pedoname!
    Thank you for your comment!!Arigatou gozaimasu!!!Me alegro☆(≧w≦;)
    I’ll try to get my friend to translate for me.
    Shitsurei shimashita!m(_ _)m

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