FFCC:Land of Bakaringo(ツォンと子犬)

After beating the 「Security Force」 and making friends with the officer(仲良し~), I decided to put Zack onto the main mission. 

Partnered with Tseng the Turk, Zack arrives at Angeal’s hometown, the land of Bakaringo, to chase down Genesis and destroy the stolen Shinra war machines. Currently, Zack is at level 14 and he took down the panther-like monsters with a single hit. As for the Genesis clones, they are less resilient than the yellow Wutai warriors Zack’s encountered in the side missions. Only 2-3 hits is needed to resolve the conflict. The Guard Spider mecha which Zack has struggled to defeat in the 「Security Force」 mission is surprisingly easy to defeat. I let Zack inspect the remains of the Guard Spider mecha and Tseng called out to him’What are you playing around for? Hurry!’「何を遊んでる?急ぐぞ!」. And Zack turned to run towards Tseng… like an obedient puppy~(≧w≦)ワンワン!!!

Zack visits Angeal’s mother and she exclaimed ‘Oh! So you’re the unfocused, little puppy Zack!’「無集中な子犬のザックス!」 (≧ワ≦) So cute!!! So Zack’s really the puppy dog which Angeal takes care of as a hobby! I let Zack explore Angeal’s home. There’s the buster sword which is the pride of Angeal’s family, a chest containing 50 Gils which Zack took and family photos! I loved the part when Zack saw Angeal’s baby photo.「かわいい~」 I’d like to hear him say that!

Tseng called Zacks to meet him at a factory where Genesis is believed to be in. They were ambushed by 2 Genesis clones in the factory. Our doggy hero Zack told Tseng to leave while he takes on the enemies. Tseng is one funny guy. He could disappear and suddenly appear at the other part of the scaffold, telling Zack to beware of enemies. Erm, who’s been doing all the work huh… And Tseng is always ahead of Zack, telling Zack to hurry up blah blah blah.(-_-*)

When Zack entered a room, we see Tseng preoccupied with a huge PC. He tells us that the Genesis clones were produced in this abandoned factory and Genesis is most likely to be in the next room. So Zack enters the next room where we see Genesis reciting Loveless in Japanese. Genesis then talks and called Zack「子犬」, apparently Angeal had let his hobby made known to his friend Genesis. Tseng finds an incubator with a Genesis clone in the same room. Genesis then executes a fire attack on Tseng without warning. Tseng was last seen groaning and in flames as he falls onto his knees. He looks dead for sure…but the weird thing is… not only did he not die, there’s not a single trace of soot on his suit in the later part of this episode! No 3rd degree burns,nothing!

Anyway, Tseng told Zack that a massive airstrike will be carried out on the tiny village to wipe out all war machines, clones, whatever. So Zack rushes to Angeal’s house to save Angeal’s mother before the airstrike… only to find her lying on the floor,dead. Zack saw Angeal standing by the entrance and asked him why he allowed her to die. I did not catch what was said quick enough because of my limited Japanese but Genesis suddenly appeared to remind Angeal whether he could ‘survive the world outside’. Zack calls after Angeal, attempting to stop him and Genesis trips Zack (evil!!!). Then Genesis summons the Bahamut, the big-ass monster with an apocalyptic ‘Exa Flare’. I thought my dog is going to die…

…Especially when I saw how the Bahamut releases the ‘Exa Flare’. The gorgeous CG movie sequence shows the Bahamut in the stratosphere, looking down at the earth and with a roar, releases a mega ball of energy which totally turned the PSP screen white. I was surprised to see Zack standing with half of his total MP remaining. Guess the side missions had made him tough enough to withstand such an attack. Phew.

After defeating the Bahamut, reducing it into a ball of materia, Zack picks the materia up and yells at Genesis “Using such a thing as this goes against the honour of a Soldier!”. (In awesome CG ) Genesis turns and replied that Soldiers and monsters are the same. To prove his point, a black wing shoots out of Genesis’ left shoulder and Zack was stunned. Catching a floating black feather, Zack looked up to the sky, watching Genesis fly off, and said “A Soldier is not monster.” (T_T) My poor doggie…



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2 responses to “FFCC:Land of Bakaringo(ツォンと子犬)

  1. Arzenさんこんばんはー(>ワ<)

    I thought my dog is going to die…>Bahamutが出てきた時私もそう思いました– ‘Exa Flare’←すごいんだもん…;; ザック犬が可愛いvvvスキー!

  2. ちはやさん、こんにちは!(>ワ<)


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