FFCC:Still On Mission(まだまだ…)

I’m still putting Zack onto various missions to level him up and to earn lots of Gils$$$.

Currently, there’s only 5 categories of missions: 「Shinra Company」, 「Wutai」, 「Hojo’s Laboratory」, 「Treasure Hunt」 and 「Materia Hunter Zack」. Each category has a subcategory which contains several missions.
For example, when we open the Shinra Company category, we find 2 sub-categories: 「Training Mission」 and 「Security(Police?) Force」. In 「Security Force」, we can find many missions ranging from 「EASY」 to 「VERY HARD」.

VERY HARD is indeed very hard. I had to hear Zack’s scream and then watch 「Game Over」 appear on the screen after the Security Force’s big-ass machine whupped Zack twice with spinning blades. There’s not even enough time to heal himself with Potion or ‘Kearu’ magic.(T_T)

These missions also allow Zack to pick up a few nice materia and accessories. One of his newly acquired favourite accessory is the 「 沈黙の衛撃」. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but the damage inflicted on the enemy has increased by nearly a hundred. Not so much stress on my thumbs from punching violently at the ○ button.

And another cool thing about the gold feather floating above Zack’s head… it actually came from the potion sample Zack drank earlier! It lowered the maximum HP limit to 855(Arrghhh!) but it allows Zack to revive in battle after his HP had been reduced to 0.(Thank you Chihaya san for the info!)
Shinra R and D really rocks……(-_-)

I’ll consider moving on to the main mission if Zack dies once more on a 「VERY HARD」 mission.


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