FFCC:Mission Completed(治安維持部隊が犬に負けるよ!)

I returned to the 「VERY HARD」 mission under the 「Security Force」 category (after recovering from the trauma of Game Over yesterday). 
This time, after battling the damned hover machines with spinning blades and continuously using ‘Kearu’ magic,  Zack made it to the jawdropping, boss-like Guard Spider which was waiting for him in the last room. This gigantic hunk of mecha is so huge I can’t maneuver Zack far enough to heal himself. The worst thing was this Guard Spider uses a huge burst of electronic field which eats up half of Zack’s total HP!!! ひっどい!
But nothing’s impossible. No way am I going to hear Zack’s scream and seeing Game Over after coming so far. All the chopping, dodging and healing magic just to defeat the 2-3 bloody hover machines with spinning blades gives my Zack enough resolve to survive this one. All he needs is unlimited AP (from DMW’s Modulating Phase).

Before the Guard Spider issues another electronic field barrier, I made Zack dodge and run as far away from it as possible, missing the field by a hair-thin margin. Then when it’s over, Zack uses the counter-attack (tit-for-tat) materia to deliver similar damage onto the Guard Spider. Just repeat the sequence until the mecha bastard collapses. And the melody of victory never sounded so sweet~pa,pa,pa,pa-pa-pa,pa,pa~♪

Now Zack has completed all missions in the 「Security Force」 category and has levelled up to level 14. Good boy! わん!


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