FFCC:On Mission(レベルUPのために☆)

I finally completed a mission where Zack has to take down an ifrit simulation in Hojo’s laboratory. It sucks having to hear Zack’s scream and then seeing the words ‘Game over’ appear on the screen. Anyway, at least Zack got to level up and he’s rewarded with an ifrit DMW and a golden feather floating atop his head. Looks real weird especially when he is executing an attack in Power Surge mode. But the ifrit DMW Power Surge is real cool (hot?). Awesome DVD quality graphics and it gave that enemy ifrit a taste of his own medicine.

There are other characters’ Power Surges such as Angeal, where Zack really displays his canine characteristics. Angeal orders him to show the pride of a Soldier and Zack enthusiastically delivers kungfu kicks and punches before finishing off with an explosive charge through the enemy. Zoom and Kaboom!

Another cool Power Surge is from Tseng, a Turk featured in Before Crisis. Zack picks up his mobile phone in the middle of the battle and Tseng tells him the battle has reached to a point where intervention is necessary. Zack pissedly tells him that’s why he’s working hard at it. Tseng carries out an air strike anyway, which I think is overkill for a low-level enemy soldier….

…in a building. How did he carry out an air strike without damaging the ceiling?

I can’t wait to meet more characters to see what their Power Surge are like.


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