Status: (Crisis) Core Training

This week, I’m undergoing Core Training where we are taught how to do what auditors do: How to detect BS(Bull Sh*t), produce BS(Bull Sh*t) and ensure BS(Butt’s Safe). The dynamics of the group which Miss 1wRong and me are in… are anything but dynamic. As for the instructors, there are 2 really awesome ones who kept me awake, particularly the Ethics and Risk Management instructor who was taught by my audit prof (gasp!So old ar?- by E and RM instructor).

Today is a great day. Mainly from 3 things:

  1. I got to meet Chihaya san and N san both yesterday and the day before. They are  really adorable and very friendly. I can never forget those 2 nights where we never got to meet at the right place at the right time(I went to the wrong hotel on their 1st day in S’pore). I’m really touched by their generosity and warmth. I received some yummy rice seasonings, melt-in-your-mouth rice snack(shocked!) and … and… Dengeki PSP magazine-WITH ZACKS ON THE COVER!!!(≧ワ≦) Aaaaaah!!!!!!あ、ありがとうございました!!!
  2. CRISIS CORE… … I finally could cradle the UMD in my hand and slot it into my ‘boyfriend’. The game shop also helped me to upgrade my darling so it could load games quicker. The graphics are absolutely mind-blowing! And Zacks is so charming! I can forsee doujins of him and Angeal…(汗) Anyway, this is probably the most STUNNING game I’ve ever seen on my PSP. I think I will not be blogging nor oekakibbs-ing for a while.
  3. Miss 1wRong and me have decided to come up with a textbook that provides comprehensive understanding to auditing and accounting. It’s called ‘The Cupcake way to Auditing’. The idea came after a presentation on the business process of an online cupcake store. There’s the auntie in her mid-40’s who’s the sole-proprietor of the store, her husband who delivers the cupcakes and her son, who’s an internal control risk. Our idea was to simplify auditing and accounting concepts by using a simple cupcake store scenario. Future Dr. 1wRong (Permanent head Damage) will provide the content because she’s the Queen of BS. As for me, I’m happy to provide the fruits of my wild imagination and the cover design of the textbook.

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