Status: Bloodless…(また貧血?)

Oh shit…

I feel sick. It’s been 2 days since my period ended and I feel pretty ugly.

I don’t even feel the urge to oekaki.

Probably it’s anaemia or some hormonal disorder or the harmful side-effects of JustDieAlredi. (-_-)|||

*Highlights of the week: Miss 1-wRong fed Miss XY and me the most heavenly kuehs during lunch. It ended in an orgasmic high note with the luscious durian crepe! It was so good, we were making so much noise that the aunties sitting beside us asked where they can get that durian crepe! Thank you 1-wRong for bringing us to Paradise…



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3 responses to “Status: Bloodless…(また貧血?)

  1. chihaya

    Hi!Arzen(>ヮ<)If a hotel is decided,I call you.

  2. chihaya

    ああぁ!また途中で切れちゃった ごめんなさい(><) 貧血大丈夫(T_T)

  3. またですか…ご、ごめんなさい!(><)


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