Seiyuu:小西克幸as 小豆洗い(マジで?!)

Last night, I managed to catch an episode of 「ゲゲゲの鬼太郎」, a children’s anime on creatures of Japanese folklore. I’m sure every Japanese and anime enthusiast would know of this cartoon. Medame oyaji is so adorable~ (受けかも)

As usual, I’d read the staff credits at the end of the show to look for any notable voice actors and animation studios.
I saw 小西克幸‘s name in the list. HAGI-vvv!!!(*´∀`*)
And the character he played in this episode is… …

ヾ(⊇Д⊆) コスコス…(;゜Д゜) まじで?!

…小西克幸’s character is 小豆洗い?!!??!(OH MY GOD)


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