BLood+:Solomon(調教師) & Hagi (ニャン子)

(´∀`)はぁはぁ~ vv



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5 responses to “BLood+:Solomon(調教師) & Hagi (ニャン子)

  1. lenato

    English please?? ^^”

  2. Hi lenato! Glad to meet you! Thanks for dropping by!(^ワ^)
    I did not keep a psd copy of the manga so I can’t change the speech to English. Please bear with reading the translation here…m(_ _)m
    Here goes:

    [Continued from a meaningless illustration(sweat)]
    Solomon:”It’s bad of you to scratch me, Hagi.”
    [Like a CAT…]
    Solomon:*So C…CUTE!!! I want to play with him!*
    “Say ‘Nyan'(Uwa!)”

    …This is a really meaningless blog entry…but…(‐‐;)
    I hope you’ll visit again!(0ヮ<)

  3. lenato

    lol thank you

    don’t worry i visit your blog everyday it’s in my bookmark =^.^=

  4. Marina

    I really love this page! ^^
    I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and don’t speak very good english (you see that!! ^^), but, I understand when I read.
    Arzen, I like your pictures, you are so god in that…
    I draw some pictures… and you’re opened my imagination! ^^

    please… Spanish………….
    fiuu me cansé del Spanglish… espero puedas entender..
    estrudio japonès desde hace 8 años, y tu pàgina me ha cautivado….! ^^
    un beso.

  5. Hola Marina!
    Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you like the pictures. Haha! (^ヮ^)/〝
    Your English is perfect! I’m sorry I took so long to reply because I was finding a friend who knows some Spanish.
    So… here goes nothing…

    Eeto…nihongo de kakeba ii desu ka?
    Nihongo ga heta node, okashii nara gomenasai ne!
    Marina san ga 8 sai kara nihongo no benkyou ni shite, sugoi!
    yokattara, suteki na illust wo misete kuremasen ka?(0w0)

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