Status: Over Time (真夜中に残業しちゃった…)


I was given 49 samples and the procedures are:

To vouch the progress billings to the contracts.

This means I have to swim through every damn scanned contract to find the relevant fees and dates. And if I haven’t drowned in business legalese, to vouch to the numerous invoices.

Thank god my audit senior is a nice and goofy woman. She scarfed down a giant bag of Lay’s chips and crapped with us. The audit asst 11 who did Sing&Tell with her told ghost stories… till we nearly freaked out in the client’s conference room. And the evil bitching about the evil manager who’s terribly rude to everyone (which explains the shrinking profit margins and high staff turnover…we think)

So that’s my 1st day with JustDieAlready (S’pore)Pte Ltd.



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