Status: On Job Training(財務報告基準を読むのいやだ!)

… …  OTL

I swam through FRS1, FRS12 and FRS 170 (There’s 3 more to go…) where I nearly drowned in accounting jargon. The words are in English but why is it that I still cannot understand what is being written? Is it really English?!
To add to my misery, there’s over 90 slides of text (font size 18), no pictures, no animation and only 4 colours- blue, white, red and yellow. Even my professor is human enough to put some flying text boxes and cliparts into her slides! I pity the people who have to listen to this presentation. Somebody help them.



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2 responses to “Status: On Job Training(財務報告基準を読むのいやだ!)

  1. Rong

    dear! wat great drawings! sorry for not frequenting your blog so frequently. u should understand wat kind of trend i’ve been following these days so do forgive me yea?

    i really love your manga description for this and the previous entry! it’s so telling!!! i just miss those days in our AFA class. the girl beside you in the manga has the exact expression on miss TP whenever she’s in the ‘off” mood!

    i’m so proud of you, seeing how your drawings has improved since you started this blog! i’m not the best critic of art but i do recognise drawings that appeal to me.

    so thanks for improving and i hope to see you do better! especially those 3D drawings.

    p.s. i do not WHINE alright? i’m just stating the fact! :p

    p.s.s. please do another round of that yoga II class you attended. that’d be great!!! 😉

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    Thanks for inflating my ego dear!!! (≧ワ≦)
    It’s very important for improving the quality of the pictures!!! Are you hoping I can start drawing your Kopi Prince? heeheehee~

    Anyway, now’s my turn to whine:

    (>m<) It’s not Yoga II!!! It’s ‘Yoga’ but the class is too advanced for me I’m aching now. (that damn newbie apune at the front counter told me it’s a basic yoga class) I did a Locust, 1/4-moon(cos I’m dying already…) and other killer poses.
    Even the instructor was surprised to know that there’s a 1st timer in his advanced class. (should see his face man…)

    Think I’ll stick to Yvonne’s Body Balance. She’s an angel.(T_T) Let’s go for her class k!!! And stay for Yoga II cos that one looks much tamer than Yoga class…

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