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Status: Unassigned(デロイッテでひまだね、あたし。)

Every morning, I’ll chant to my maid: “I don’t wanna go to work!” or “I wish I don’t have to work!” etc. I’ve been doing that for almost a year now.

And now, all that I wanted… I’ve gotten it

I’ve got nothing to do.(other than e-learning which is Audit 101 all over again. Yuck.)

Everyone I know are now on assignments, trooping all over the island and getting down to some real work. And me? I just sit on my desk staring into the tiny toilet-window of a screen doing some e-learning.
Otherwise I’ll let my ears wander to the Japanese services department where the lady associate keeps saying “Hai, hai, wakarimashita. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”
Or my eyes wander to the same department where the guy from the Japanese member firm is working for his secondment, Mr Miyashita Atsushi (@寿司).
It’s very easy to remember his name because he introduced himself as At-Sushi on our first day. Miss 1wRong and me were guffawing at his crippling self- introduction.(he didn’t have breakfast in the morning?) Hmm, wished we could talk to him. I bet our opening line would go like this: “Miyashita san, oishisou …” (めんご)

Well, I was very excited yesterday when I saw online that I was assigned CM Investments for a month. Until Miss 1wRong pointed out that the person-in-charge has an apune name. And she added : “All the apune jokes you’ve been telling… now you’re getting all the bad karma“. “Yea”,I replied, “I really think by making me work with an apune for a month, karma is trying to teach me that apunes are humans too.”

But this morning, when I checked online, the assignment disappeared. I’m totally free. Stupid apune trying to play with my job list huh. F**ker.

So yea, I’m so bored the senior sitting next to me could sense my ennui and she gave me some administrative work to do. You know, the very basic OL tasks like printing documents, collecting materials, pasting reinforcement rings, preparing files etc. I’m quite happy to do mindless tasks. At least it keeps my hands busy. It’s very tiring to look hardworking when there’s absolutely nothing to do.

Anything is better than e-learning (I suppose…)

One of my group mates returned from a solo statutory audit. Sigh… how I wish I had his assignment (anything but e-learning!). I know basically what documents to gather for evidence because I’ve done it at Ganasaikang.

Well, having nothing to do is just as good. I’ll be content.

I’m happy Miss 1wRong, who is distributing apples on Fruit Day came to visit me at my desk today and she asked me a question:

1wRong: “Hey, how do you say ‘Would you like an apple‘ in Japanese?”

Me:”Umm… I’m not sure… I only know how to say ‘May I have an apple?’,’リンゴをください’ . Aiyah, why don’t you say ‘リンゴ、ほしい?’ . Or maybe ‘リンゴを食べなさい’. If they refuse, you should say ‘ リンゴ食べろよ!食え!‘”

1wRong (looks at me sarcastically):”Ha-Ha-.”

Me:”… … ”

1wRong (sarcastically):”Ha-ha.”

Me:”What? I’m not your mother! あなたのお母さんじゃないわよ!”

1wRong:”… … Huh?! ”

Me:”はは is mother in Japanese. Thank goodness when you laugh, you don’t go ‘Chi-chi-chi-chi‘.” 

1wRong beats up Arzen.



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