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デロイット・アンド・トゥシュ・とまつ:1st Week in the Company

Here’s another milestone in my art-deprived life.

As of 6th Aug 2007, I am officially an OL.

I shan’t divulge any more than what my dear gang and I did during training (mostly self-learning).  Miss 1wrong, Miss Mel, Miss MH and me were 4 of the 5 new hires from SMU. The other 30-odd humans are from NTU.

On Monday, I was so excited over seeing Miss 1wrong and Miss Mel again, and the prospect of getting lots of freebies (laptop, stationery, DTT paper bag), my energy levels were sky-high despite getting only 4hours of sleep. Also, I met my tax lecturer, Chester Whee, whom I traumatised with indecent grades and lack of basic accounting knowledge.

Whee: Hey, You’re in DTT! So which dept. are you in?
Me: Don’t you worry! I’m not in the tax dept. And please keep my past information confidential…heheheh.

On Tuesday,my  energy levels plunged after the novelty of being company employee wore off. Also, we realised SMU gave us the gift of the gab. It’ll kill us if we don’t talk.

On Wednesday, my energy levels rose a fair bit because the next day’s a national holiday. But it fell drastically when we were left to carry out training on ourselves. The only skill I probably perfected is the skill of flipping the instruction manual for answers.
And the LAN is very lan(). It was sooo ‘fast’, nothing is moving at all.

On Thursday, I rotted at home. My maid’s Bak Kut Teh is absolutely heavenly…

On Friday, we finally completed the System Mastery Evaluation test. As I’ve said, the only skill I perfected is the skill of flipping the instruction manual for answers. It also helped enhance my tikam-ing powers.
I was so bored I typed ‘監査役’ into Amazon.jp search engine. The results made me laugh so hard because I can’t believe there’s a manga on Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm that was obliterated by the Enron scandal. The Big 5 has become the Big 4.  
What made us burst into mad laughter next is when my brother forwarded me a link. It shows a bunch of Japanese men in singlets carrying a cursor. It’s a wonderful site to learn the Japanese words for directions. But Friday is a special day because of 3 things:

  1. I’ve never heard Miss 1wRong whine until today. She whined about the LAN(no speed), the tough IT security(no Youtube, no MSN) and god-knows-what.
  2. I finally made a pre-order for Final Fantasy Crisis Core!AAAAHHHH!!!

    And my ex-client from Take Long Metals Pte.Ltd called to tell me she made the pre-order for me. I was so excited and speaking so loudly, I think everyone in the whole room knows they have an otaku in their midst.

  3. The weekend’s arrived!!!

 We met Miss Ringo for lunch and boy, from our conversation, it’s quite obvious we’re gonna make a difference in the accounting industry. Well, Miss Ringo could probably herald a new era of the Big 3.



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