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Hitsuji de Oyasumi series vol.1: Bokura no Koe de…

I’m always amazed by the enterprising spirit of Japan. The Japanese just know how to squeeze money out of any lucrative venture to the last cent. Voice artists are big in this country (thanks to the anime & manga industry). Male voice actors who made it to stardom mostly have a BL related project or 2 in their portfolios. Ishida Akira(石田彰), Hoshi Souichiro(保志総一郎), Midorikawa Hikaru(緑川光), Koyasu Takehito(子安武人) etc are just a few examples.
A CD company, Honeybee, has released a CD series that feature celebrity voice actors counting sheep. Yes, those fluffy white things that go baa-baa.
The instruction booklet promises that the voice actors will count the sheep for you until you fall asleep.

So last night ,at around 10pm, I listened to ‘Bokura no Koe de…’ CD. (Thank you Ying san!!!)
石田彰counts the sheep:

‘羊が一匹…’ (はぁはぁ)

眠くねぇぇぇ!!! (鼻血)


(#´∀`#)… …

‘ほーら、羊が… …まだダメ?’



Instead of feeling sleepy, I felt like I’m on a caffeine overdose. I just couldn’t fall asleep.
I even played 5 rounds of Taiko no Tatsujin Portable just to tire my eyes.
Eventually, I managed to force my eyes shut at around 3.30am.
This CD should be called ‘羊でおはようシリース‘.


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